Top 16 free and low-cost NYC office space options

Membership co-sharing for NYC office space

Let's face it, working from home is tough.  There are distractions, interruptions and you're isolated.  It's hard to feel like you're in business when your phone rings and you can't find the remote to turn down the TV. The benefits of surrounding yourself with other like-minded people are hard to argue with, but do you have the budget to make the move?  I've put together the top 16 options for free and low-cost NYC office space solutions, maybe one will fit the bill. Let's start with the free co-working space … [Read more...]

A better way to find NYC office space

A better way to find your NYC office space for lease

There's no doubt we live in a self-service world. Nobody wants to be sold anything and we all want immediate results. 97% of people searching for office space in New York City start on the internet.  It makes sense but does it work?  Usually, no. Entering "NYC office space" in your search engine will give you roughly 147,000,000 results.  Hmmm, this could take some time. The results break down into five categories.  There are databases like Property Shark and LoopNet - which is information overload - listing … [Read more...]