Less than six degrees – Starting at the beginning

Las Vegas to New York

Here's how to follow this blog easily. "Next time" is always hyperlinked (any word in orange) at the end of each article to the next article once the new article has been posted. "Previously" will take you back to the previous post. Make sure to click on each person's name when they're mentioned and see if they are a possible connection for you. I'd be happy to make the introduction. Day one, page one.  I guess I could have chosen to write a book instead of starting a blog.  Who knows, maybe this will turn into … [Read more...]

Less than six degrees – Where do I go from here?

Starting from scratch - Connecting and Networking in New York City

Previously I showed you my video that went viral with over 1 million views in two months and asked, “What does this have to do with moving back to New York?”  Absolutely everything. I posted that video on lots of social media sites - most importantly on LinkedIn – and one call I received was not for a short sale listing. A commercial real estate broker in NYC called me and said, “I just saw your video, you have to come and work with us.”  I thanked him and I was flattered, but confused.  He told me that … [Read more...]

Less than six degrees – An unexpected introduction

An unexpected introduction in networking

Previously I left off that I was a 51 year old guy, starting a career in a new place with no connections.  The only people I knew were my family in Queens and Long Island.  Without me asking (or knowing that I should ask), my brother-in-law, Hugh, told his friend that I just moved into the city and that I was in commercial real estate.  His friend asked to be introduced to me and my world changed with one email. I received a “virtual introduction” from Hugh to his friend, Michael Deutsch.  Mike invited me to … [Read more...]

Less than six degrees – My wall talker

Talking is networking

Previously, I spoke about the generosity I’ve encountered through networking and connecting.  Since the foundation of my business is built on working with start-ups, when Craig Delsack asked if I wanted to join him at a pitch event being held at Microsoft – I jumped at the chance. A pitch event is where start-ups are given the chance to showcase (pitch) to an audience how their new product or platform will change the world, be wildly successful and hopefully be worth a lot of money someday.   Think “Shark … [Read more...]

Less than six degrees – Pulling the team together


Previously I told you about multiple events that created a domino effect and enlarged my sphere of influence in a matter of days. After my initial NN meeting, I visited their website and watched a series of videos that were testimonials by some members.  I was already sold on the group and what really intrigued me were the videos themselves. With the success of my Las Vegas video, I knew it would be important to have a strong message as the foundation for my New York City commercial real estate website.  I … [Read more...]

Less than six degrees – Total recall

Who can I connect you with?

Previously I talked about how my team came into place that helped me create the anchor video for SpacesNY.com. In a matter of months, I started to get the hang of networking, which is the foundation to connecting – the real goal.  Depending on your age, you may remember an old TV show called Concentration.  Click HERE and go to the 3:00 minute mark to get an idea of how the game worked. Just like the game show, if you can remember where the matching item is hidden, something is revealed - a piece of the … [Read more...]

Less than six degrees – What’s your differentiator?

How are you different

Previously I showed you two ways to organize the details of all the people you network with.  If you make networking and connecting a high priority in your weekly sales outreach, those seeds will blossom sooner than you’d imagine. Wait, did I just say “sales outreach” and it bothered you?  I hope not.  Although I’m clearly a salesperson, many of us don’t identify as that.  I think that’s a big mistake and it may keep you from the success you’re seeking. Whether you’re an attorney, bookkeeper, consultant, … [Read more...]

Less than six degrees – One network begets another


Yesterday I told you about Ellen Morgenthal and today I want to tell you about another amazing woman in my life. I wanted to take a minute to go back to earlier in the blog when I shared how to increase your efficiency and connection power by using the Refresh app along with Evernote – both free, both amazing.  Lo and behold, the folks at Refresh read the blog and tweeted out a link to their 8,690 followers on Twitter.  Yet another way to connect with like-minded people and spread my story. Last week I told … [Read more...]