SpacesNY offers an entirely free service to any business seeking office space in Manhattan.  Because the process is confusing and complicated, Mark Karten conducts a needs analysis to determine the options that a business has to find the perfect office based on their needs.

The biggest revelation that our clients experience is that a traditional office is much more costly than they imagined and that a “turn-key office” may be the best solution, which they’ve previously dismissed as “not for them.”

Whether you need a one-person office, space for 50 people or multiple floors, we’ve got the space you’re looking for.

SpacesNY offers commercial real estate leasing services for turn-key office space in NYC as well as traditional NYC office space.  SpacesNY is not a Real Estate Broker or an Independent Brokerage Company.  Mark Karten, the owner of SpacesNY, is a Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker at Highline Residential.  (hlresidential.com | 917.502.2635).