Conventional office space

Conventional office space is usually chosen by well-established companies, as the unknown costs and time constraints are too great for most startup firms.  When conventional office space won’t work, shared office space is the likely alternative.

Priced from $30 to $100/square foot for base rent
Locations throughout Manhattan
Potential for high visibility
Can be designed to your exact specifications
Customization will add $25/sf to $65/sf based on design requirements
May be eligible for city and state grants to offset costs

Requires proof of financial strength – letter of credit and personal guarantee
Can take 3 to 4 months for lease negotiations
Real estate attorney required to review lease terms
Architect needed to design layout and configure space
Can take an additional 3 to 4 months to customize work space
Long-term leases, usually 5-10 years
You provide receptionist (salary plus benefits), furniture, phones, office equipment, kitchen amenities, cleaning services, utilities