Needs analysis

A needs analysis is performed to assess your current location, size and needs so that we have the best understanding of what requirements are necessary for your new office space.

During this process, we will ascertain why you’re looking to move, when your current lease expires and your timeframe for moving.

Other areas we will address include:

What’s important to you in an office space?
Are there particular buildings you’re interested in or neighborhoods?
Are there companies you need to be close to?
What class of building are you looking for – A, B or C?
How often do clients visit and do you want to present a certain image?
What are your hours of operation?
How many employees will be at the new location?
How many private offices do you need?
How many open workstations do you need?
How many conference rooms do you need?  And what sizes?
Will you need a computer room?
Do you need a kitchen?
Do you have specific needs for parking or proximity to transit?
Any special needs for electrical or communications?
Is a “green” or LEED-certified space important your businesses image?
How much are you willing to pay each month for a lease?
How long a lease are you seeking?
How much can you put down for a deposit?
How much are you willing to pay for improvements to personalize the space?
What is your credit rating like?
Who are all the people that need to be a part of the site selection process?
Who are all the people that need to sign off on the final space?
What is your legal process for making offers and signing leases?

While these are not all the questions, they represent the overall depth of understanding we need to have in order to best represent you.