Conventional office space

When is a conventional office a better choice?

In general, companies that are creating their headquarters or have a need for space over 10,000 square feet, usually require a custom conventional space.

The timeline from site selection, lease negotiation, build-out to move in can take anywhere from 1 year to 18 months.  In addition, the financial strength of the organization is a key element in the approval of the lease as well as the expense of designing and outfitting the office space.

Many firms use a pre-built or shared office space in the short-term, while their new permanent offices are being built.

Pre-built office space

What are the differences between shared office space, pre-built offices and conventional offices?

One of the benefits of office space in New York City, is that there's truly something for everyone.

Shared office space is truly turn-key, everything is provided from the receptionist to your furniture, phone and internet service to a kitchen with coffee, tea, microwave and fridge.  You don't need to worry about budgeting for utilities or a cleaning service - it's the easiest way to be in business tomorrow.

For some companies, turn-key offices don't offer enough flexibility when a longer term lease is desired and a more custom office layout is needed.  This is where a pre-built office space becomes the choice of many Fortune 500 companies.  Office sizes range from 900 to over 10,000 square feet in some of the finest buildings in Manhattan.  You get an office that is ready for your personalization, so that the look and feel is uniquely yours.

A conventional office space requires much more time for leasing negotiations and build-out, which is a major financial commitment as well.

We conduct a needs analysis to determine which options are best for you, based on your budget and timeframe.

Turn-key office space

Why use a tenant broker to find a turn-key office space?

While it seems easy to find a move-in ready office space, the search becomes difficult when you have certain criteria that are dealbreakers.

In Manhattan, there are over 150 different locations to choose from, each with their own pros and cons.

Here are the reasons to work with a tenant broker, rather than go it alone:

1 - It's a free service to you, the broker gets paid by the landlord.

2 - By assessing your needs, a skilled broker can narrow down your choices to locations that:

  1. Fit your budget
  2. Have availability in your timeframe
  3. Has the vibe that matches your business
  4. Is in a neighorhood that appeals to you
  5. Satisfies your short-term and long-term goals

3 - No surprises.  The tenant broker knows the details of fees that each location charges, to match your business needs.