I found my NYC office space on a utility pole

How I found my NYC office spaceIt’s bad enough that I have office space on the brain every day. When I take my dog for a walk, it’s a chance to clear my head and see what’s happening on the streets.

As I’ll write about in future posts, I notice everything and I’ll be curious if you do, too.

While I was waiting to cross the street, I took a picture of this interesting ad for Office Space Available (posted on a utility pole.)  I don’t know if this is effective marketing on 9th Avenue and 39th Street but I guess for the investment, it’s worth a shot.

My commentary isn’t so much on the advertiser but on the business people responding to the ad.  What is the implied message being sent?  Do they want someone from the immediate neighborhood?  Is the rent price so low that they don’t want to be inundated with showing it?  Is this the only place they’re seeking a tenant or are they posting online, too?  I’m stumped.

Maybe the casualness of the delivery is meant to say, “We’re not a strict landlord who is going to run your credit or require a big security deposit.”

So the question is, if you knew that you could hire a broker to find your office space within your budget, the area you wanted to work, with the amenities you needed and they’d do it for free, would you?

I’d like to know your answer – please comment below.


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