Less than six degrees – One network begets another

NetworkingYesterday I told you about Ellen Morgenthal and today I want to tell you about another amazing woman in my life.

I wanted to take a minute to go back to earlier in the blog when I shared how to increase your efficiency and connection power by using the Refresh app along with Evernote – both free, both amazing.  Lo and behold, the folks at Refresh read the blog and tweeted out a link to their 8,690 followers on Twitter.  Yet another way to connect with like-minded people and spread my story.

Last week I told you about working with Alex Vachon to create the anchor video for my website.  Once it was completed, Alex had a meeting with Adrian Miller.  As they spoke, Alex showed her some of his recent work, including my video.  Adrian said, “I want to meet that guy” and Alex sent an introduction email to both of us.

Meeting Adrian in person and learning about what she accomplishes on a daily basis would put the most efficient multi-tasker to shame.  She has a successful sales training business delivering custom-based solutions to small and large companies alike.  She writes blogs for 15 different companies a week, each in their own voice and she runs Adrian’s Network, which is a 400+ strong group of individuals with businesses throughout Manhattan, Long Island and New Jersey.

If you’re lucky enough to sit down with Adrian, you will see she’s the closest thing to a Renaissance Woman that you’re likely to meet.  She really does it all and leads such a well-rounded, balanced life that you could either envy her or use her as your role model.  I choose the latter.

What’s amazing about A’s Net is how connected the members are.  It’s like your own personal support team for anything you need access to.  Send out a request to the members and you’re inundated with relevant responses in minutes.   The network holds 10 meetings a month – a combination of live and virtual – both in the city and the island.

Each member gets a spotlight email once a month which allows you to customize and change your business message any way you want.  This is an incredibly strong facet of the group.  The craziest part?  It’s the least expensive network I know of and is worth twice the price or more!

If this all sounds like a shameless plug, it’s not.  I am so impressed by what Adrian has created and maintains, all the while being someone you’d be proud to call your friend – you can’t help but extol her virtues.  She has also personally introduced me to some fantastic people I would not have met otherwise.

So the question now is, how many more groups do I need to join?

Until tomorrow…

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Mark Karten is a connector in New York City.  If you’re ready to expand your network of meaningful, relevant relationships, contact Mark at mark@jpday.com.

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