Less than six degrees – Pulling the team together

teamworkPreviously I told you about multiple events that created a domino effect and enlarged my sphere of influence in a matter of days.

After my initial NN meeting, I visited their website and watched a series of videos that were testimonials by some members.  I was already sold on the group and what really intrigued me were the videos themselves.

With the success of my Las Vegas video, I knew it would be important to have a strong message as the foundation for my New York City commercial real estate website.  I asked Dave Bresler who he used and he referred me to Alex Vachon of Cartouche Creations.

I set up a meeting with Alex and we were on the same page immediately.  We discussed some ideas and then went to work writing the script.  Between our two schedules, we were about a month away from the actual shoot.

In the meantime, I continued to meet new people every day.  Yes, every day.  My focus was to meet at least two new people every weekday.  Some days I met one, others I met five and every day it got easier.

Not only does NN have their monthly meetings but they have another event called the Forum, featuring a speaker or panel discussion on a current business topic.  The first one I attended was presented by Rochelle Lisner and she spoke about “Storytelling, not boring telling” – how to create effective presentations and captivate your audience.

As I listened, I knew I had to work with Rochelle to help me clearly convey what I do, so I could network and connect more effectively.  I introduced myself as soon as she finished speaking and we started working together on crafting my message as well as fine-tuning the script for the video.  She has been my business coach (and good friend) ever since.

When you have a network of connections to reach out to, there’s no limit as to what information and resources you have at your fingertips.  For the video shoot, Alex suggested we film on a rooftop so the city skyline would be my backdrop.  I sent an email to everyone I knew and within an hour, Craig Van Mackelberg at A-Squared Architecture wrote back and connected me to Barry Hoffman of Urban Office (really cool office furniture – their recent projects reads like a Who’s Who in NYC high-profile companies.)  They graciously opened their offices to the film crew and we spent the afternoon shooting the video on their wrap-around rooftop terrace.

The only thing left to do was getting my haircut.  There aren’t many things a guy can do to look good – wear a nice suit, have his shoes polished and get a good haircut.  Finding the right barber in a new city is not the easiest task.  How did I do it?  Truthfully, Yelp.  I read every review for men’s haircuts and finally found a guy who happens to be a block away from where I live.

His name is Gerry Spiotta and it’s like catching up with a good friend every time I go in – plus it’s the best haircut I’ve gotten in years.

Alright, now it’s showtime.  The weather was perfect, everything went smoothly and I now have the anchor video to my website.  If you haven’t seen it yet, click HERE.

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