Less than six degrees – What’s your differentiator?

How are you differentPreviously I showed you two ways to organize the details of all the people you network with.  If you make networking and connecting a high priority in your weekly sales outreach, those seeds will blossom sooner than you’d imagine.

Wait, did I just say “sales outreach” and it bothered you?  I hope not.  Although I’m clearly a salesperson, many of us don’t identify as that.  I think that’s a big mistake and it may keep you from the success you’re seeking.

Whether you’re an attorney, bookkeeper, consultant, coach or blogger – you’re in sales.  One way or another, you need to find customers and sitting in your home or office, no matter how wonderful your website is or witty your tweets are – your business growth and success is in your hands.

If you can figure out what makes you different and can show the world how that benefits them, you’re on the right path.

Last week, I met with Ellen Morgenthal, who is a mortgage banker with Mortgage Master.  If someone selling mortgages asked to meet with you, you might think it’s a total waste of time, they can’t help you and you can’t help them.  You’d be making a big mistake and here’s why.

The common denominator with people I hit it off with is that they’re genuine.  They’re confident but not pushy, are warm and friendly and actually interact versus sell.  Ellen embraces all of these qualities and I loved meeting with her.

At face value, I can’t help Ellen because I’m not in the market to buy a home nor do I work with residential agents.  However, we all know someone personally or professionally that is or will be in the market to purchase and the information that Ellen shared with me is very powerful.

After she told me about her company – that they’ve been in business for 26 years, are a direct lender, that they’re licensed in 27 states and their overall achievements are quite impressive – Ellen shared the details of three programs that are huge problem-solvers for today’s buyers and what makes Mortgage Master different from everyone else.  I was all ears.

There are currently so few properties for sale today, the competition is fierce, and the only way buyers feel they can get win is with an “all-cash” offer.  If you knew that within 90 days of closing, that you could refinance your purchase and get a sizable amount of the cash back – would that make a difference to you?  That it’s available for primary, second home and investment purchases?  That it’s open to US citizens and Foreign Nationals?  If you didn’t know Ellen, Mortgage Master or read this column and found out 120 days after you or your friend/family member purchased, wouldn’t you kick yourself?  I certainly would.

As they say on TV, “But wait, there’s more…”

It almost goes without saying that there are many foreign buyers (and their brokers) who think they can’t get a mortgage and have to pay cash.  Yet Ellen has Foreign National programs that don’t require a US credit score, a Social Security number or US income documentation.  These are great for second home buyers and investors and every residential real estate agent would benefit knowing about this, wouldn’t you agree?

Ellen’s third differentiator is called the “Family Opportunity Program” – which allows three different scenarios: 1 – Parents of college-bound students to purchase a property near the college they’re enrolled at, 2 – Adult Children of Elderly Parents (which is perfect for estate planning) and 3 – Parents of a disabled adult child who will occupy the residence as their primary home.

Can you imagine what a hero you could be to someone by introducing them to Ellen?  She has found three things to differentiate herself from a legion of other mortgage bankers and brokers in addition to her foundation of “know, like and trust.”

What is your differentiator and how do you clearly communicate this to others, so they can spread the word for you?  Let me know, I’m very interested to find out.

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Mark Karten is a connector in New York City.  If you’re ready to expand your network of meaningful, relevant relationships, contact Mark at mark@jpday.com.

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