I found SpacesNY through web search.

Mark was a true professional throughout the whole experience. After a brief conversation where I conveyed our needs, we met 2 days later. He had lined up 4-5 places to check out, and he was super courteous with both me and the agents/owners of the co-working spaces we looked at. I had to take some time to make a decision and he was very professional in checking in every once in a while to see if he could help any further.

Once the decision was made, he handed off the process to the office manager, but was available for anything through email or phone.

Mark is also genuinely interested in our line of business, and already made an introduction to someone who is in our field. He quickly becomes more of a friend than just an agent.

I strongly recommend any startup looking for space in this tight market to work with Mark.

Tolga Sakman

My dream was to have a 3 person private office with a window and natural light, overlooking Manhattan. My budget was limited and I didn't think something like this was within reach.

I was referred to Mark Karten and within days, Mark narrowed down my options to three choices and I'm now in my dream space, for the exact budget I asked for.

Thanks, Mark! I really appreciate all your help and will definitely refer you to friends and colleagues."

Brandie Knox