Top 16 free and low-cost NYC office space options

Free and low-cost NYC office space optionsLet’s face it, working from home is tough.  There are distractions, interruptions and you’re isolated.  It’s hard to feel like you’re in business when your phone rings and you can’t find the remote to turn down the TV.

The benefits of surrounding yourself with other like-minded people are hard to argue with, but do you have the budget to make the move?  I’ve put together the top 16 options for free and low-cost NYC office space solutions, maybe one will fit the bill.

Let’s start with the free co-working space provided at #1 - WixLounge, makers of Wix website builder. Located in the heart of Chelsea at 235 West 23rd Street (between 7th & 8th Avenues), this is a great place to hang out weekdays from 9 to 5.  It’s first-come, first-served which means get there early!

That’s it for free (unless you know of someplace new – let me know!)  On to low-cost NYC office space options…

#2 - Centre for Social Innovation which has co-working spaces available as “hot desk” packages that start at $125/month for 25 hours access and 2 hours of meeting room time.  Located in West Chelsea, down by the Highline and the Piers at 601 West 26th Street.  Click HERE to check out all their offerings.

#3 – WECREATE gives you 100 hours access/month plus 2 hours of conference room time for just $250/month with their “Collaborate” membership.  They’re located in Union Square at 58 East 11th and are open Monday-Friday from 9 to 6.  Click HERE for more info.

#4 – Space-4-Work is located in Greenwich Village at 214 Sullivan Street and has daily rates of $25/day or monthly access (Monday-Friday, 10am to 7pm) for just $275/month.  Click HERE for more info.

#5 – Sunshine Suites – has two locations in Manhattan – one in TriBeca and one in Noho.  For $275/month (plus a $99 setup fee) you get 24/7 access, conference room time and some free copying, too.  Check them out HERE.

#6 – The Yard – with a location on the Lower East Side at 85 Delancey, their $295/month co-working membership will give you Monday-Friday access plus 4 hours/month of conference room time.  Click HERE for all their info.

#7 – Hive at 55 – located in the Financial District at 55 Broad Street – 13th Floor.  They have multiple membership plans starting at $75/month for 3 visits.  The best deal is $300/month for 20 visits (that’s a month of weekdays) for just $15/day.  Click HERE for details.

#8 - Solis Spaces is just a block from Penn Station in Midtown at 224 West 35th Street – 12th floor.  You can rent a desk there for $350/month.  At 20 days/month – that comes to $17.50/day.  Score!  Click HERE for their website.

#9 – Gotham Workspace is just a floor below Solis Spaces at 224 West 35th Street – 11th floor.  It’s $35/day and they’re open Monday-Friday, not many desks available, so go early.  Check them out HERE.

#10 - GreenSpaces is located in TriBeca.  Here you can hang out in their laptop lounge for $35/day (as a non-member or $20/day as a member.)  Membership is $125/month for 4 days/month or 1 day/week and $350/month for 24/7 access.  Click HERE for more details.

#11 –  SoTechie Spaces – conveniently located by Bryant Park, you’ve got some great co-working price plans here with nice amenities.  Weekday only access (M-F from 9 to 6pm) is only $275/month.  For 24/7 access, it’s just $400, which is $13.33/day for 30 days access.  Click HERE to visit their site.

#12 – New Work City – located in Soho at 412 Broadway (just below Canal) – members pay $35/day or have a choice of different plans, up to $375/month for unlimited Monday-Friday access.  Click HERE for all the details.

#13 – AlleyNYC – probably one of the most talked-about collaborative workplaces in NYC, this membership-based space is celebrating their first year in business.  $450/month gets you a communal desk and bragging rights – click HERE for the details.

#14 – Grind – Two locations – 419 Park Avenue South (Madison Park) and 1412 Broadway (Bryant Park/Times Square) – once your application is approved, it’s $35/day or $500/month.  For $550/month, you can use both locations.  Check it out HERE.

#15 – WeWork Lounge – A network membership for $45/day for their location at 154 Grand Street in Soho.  For $45/hour more, you can reserve a conference room, too.  If you bump up to $400/month, you get 4 hours of conference room time included.  Access is 24/7.  Click HERE to learn more.

#16 – Neuehouse – probably the coolest, hippest, most well-designed space you’ll find – if your membership application is approved, with their “gallery” membership you’ll spend around $250 for 5 visits/month.  If nothing else, check out their website by clicking HERE - located at 110 East 25th Street in Madison Square/Flatiron District.

While these are great alternatives to working from home or sitting in a coffee shop, this may not be the answer for you and your professional needs.  Contact me today and I’ll find you exactly the right fit for you and your budget.

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